“Scenes from Village Life” – Amos Oz

Having previously read “My Michael” by Amos Oz & having immensely enjoyed it, I was excited about indulging in “Scenes from Village Life”. Even though a certain atmosphere was established through a particular warmness in the author’s style, it was a generally a disappointing read.

This is a typical book which needs to be read in one sitting. I’ve had it on my “currently reading” list for about two months. I went back to the book every now and then, starting over quite a few times, though there’s wasn’t anything too captivating to make me finish it. Only after forcing myself to just get through it, I did get to the end of it.

The personal stories taking place in the village of Tel Ilan were neither long enough to get you emotionally engaged, nor were they intertwined enough to make them come together to one whole coherent story.
I missed the impeccable style I remember being drawn to while reading “My Michael”, maybe because it doesn’t have enough room to unfold in, on just a bit more than 250 pages here.

“Scenes from Village Life” – Amos Oz

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

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