“The Vegetarian” – Han Kang

“The Vegetarian” was a short, yet an impactful read, which manages to grasp you emotionally if you open up to the story. Regardless the name, the topic of vegetarianism, though playing a decisive role in the development of the story, is only a marginal one. It’s much more of a tale of the freedom of choice and interpersonal relations, the characters being based in Korea.

The vibe and feel of the story somehow reminded me of my favourite author, Haruki Murkami & has made me curious to read some more works by Han Kang. Her style has a certain lightness to it, making the words flow with ease from page to page, as well as keeping you wrapped up by the mood of the story from beginning till end.

A definite recommendation from my side!

“The Vegetarian” – Han Kang

★★★★☆ (4/5)

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