“The Girl on the Train” – Paula Hawkins

I started with “The Girl on the Train” longing for a similar read to “Gone Girl” but it simply ended up being too similar. I even checked the publication years, if Hawkins might have gotten some inspiration from Flynn, which might very well be possible. The way both stories developed were very much alike, the narratives with the changing perspectives of the characters were confusingly similar & at times it seemed like a wannabe fan-fiction copy of “Gone Girl”.

The book started off with a veeeery slow paced beginning, you have to get into half of the book in order to get hooked to the story. One point given though, is the depressing setting of one of the main character’s lives which sucks you right into the atmosphere, concerning which I was glad to finish it as fast as possible, to finally get out of the depressing loop.

I’d give the book 3 out of 5 stars since I didn’t want to put it down at some point, the story was more or less interesting towards the middle, it was averagely entertaining, but to me the ending was crystal clear & predictable at some point.

A suggestion to those who’d like to have a quick thriller-like read & to those who don’t value the style of writing too much.

“The Girl on the Train” – Paula Hawkins

★★★☆☆ (3/5)

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