“A Strangeness in My Mind” – Orhan Pamuk

Going through my 2nd Orhan Pamuk book, it once again had the effect of pulling you into a completely different world & making you feel as if you’ve known the characters for years. The way its written is absolutely effortless & the transitions of seeing the story from different people’s perspectives gave it even more depth.

For those interested in politics & historical events in Turkey & specifically the ones having directly affected Istanbul, you’ll absolutely love this book! (for me there were other factors that made it enjoyable 🙈)

The story starts with the captivating moment of a man having written 3 years worth of love letters intended for a girl he only briefly saw at a wedding & their journey of running away together. The worst thing that could’ve gone wrong actually happens – it’s not the right girl the main character ends up running away with, but her sister, with him not having the chance to turn back. The only down part is that the plot gets cut off at this point in time & goes back to the entire life story of the Mevlut, the main character, starting from his earliest childhood days. That part does drag itself on, when you simply want to know what happened after the great escape, but about 200 pages in (out of about 750), the pace picks up again.

All in all, the book is an incredibly detailed insight into Turkish culture presented over so many years up until the current time. It’s a fascinating tale introducing you to daily life rituals, traditions, mentalities of people & their beliefs. It touches so many points of different relationships among people – between parents & children, between siblings, friends & married couples. All that described in such an authentic way, it almost seems as tangible as a story about people you know in your own life. A definite recommendation from my side (with 1 reduction of a star for the bumpy beginning which takes quite a while to get into).

“A Strangeness in My Mind” – Orhan Pamuk

★★★★☆ (4/5)

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