“Read Bottom Up” – Neel Shah, Skye Chatham

A super quick read (just about 1 & a half hours) which I have become suspicious about while skimming through a couple of reviews here on goodreads before starting the book. It just seemed to have potential to be in the style of one of those cheesy rom-coms – a typical & predictable boy-meets-girl story.

Is it relate-able? Yup, sure.
Is there anything more captivating about it than its shortness? Nope, unfortunately not really.

As another reviewer on goodreads mentioned, the book absolutely lacks depth, not allowing you to get to know the characters on a bit less of a superficial level. But I guess you can’t expect much from a story of exchanges through emails & text messages.

In the end, it’s still too much of a “book” to make it feel & read as if it were the real deal, real conversations people could be having. So in my case, it was a good distraction while I’m trying to finish a horrible book I’ve been on for 2+ months :/
Not a suggestion though if you have something better to do for 1 & a half hours 😉

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

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