“Vous descendez? (A Long Way Down)” – Nick Hornby

The only reason why I keep on reaching out to Nick Hornby’s books is the fact that I’ve got them standing around in French on my bookshelf.

In my opinion, that’s also the only plausible reason to read them – translated in other languages to learn a foreign language, since the style & the vocabulary are pretty easy to understand.
Possibly the style simply doesn’t transform itself as well in French, but the only reason why I’d give 2 instead of just 1 stars out of 5, was because there were some (very few though) captivating moments that made you want to carry on & finish the book until the end.
The characters stayed pretty shallow, the story line quite predictable & the story itself quite average & mediocre.

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

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