“Wonder” – R. J. Palacio

There are few words that can describe the impression “Wonder” leaves after reading it & I think you would see best by making your own opinion of it. It’s sweet, enchanting, heart warming, extremely emotionally touching (leaving you laughing out loud or even getting teary-eyed at times) & besides all that, so so well written. It feels a bit like a breath of fresh air & as cheesy as it sounds, it does give you hope for the still existing good in this world 😊

It’s a quick read, that keeps you turning the pages to get deeper into the story & makes you fall in love with the characters more & more with every word read.

It has made it onto my list of favourite books & is a definite suggestion for those who’d like to read an emotionally touching page-turner.

★★★★★ (5/5)

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