“Factfulness” – Hans Rosling

When I started “Factfulness”, I had quite mixed opinions about it. One of the first things that I noticed, was that you could literally hear the frustration in the author’s voice about people’s perception of the current world. Getting deeper into the book, I did understand the roots of this feeling better though. What I appreciated the most were the illustrative examples of Rösling’s past personal experiences & previous mistakes, around which he constructs the different chapters & lessons to be taken along the way. The author managed not to sound condescending but rather to motivate you to be more curious & more questioning of certain information presented to you on a platter.

At times the storyline seemed extremely repetitive, you got that Rösling was trying very hard to make a point & to make you remember some info, but having the same thing repeated over and over again got tiring at some point.

Nevertheless, I finished off the book with a positive impression. I genuinely enjoyed the recaps at the end of each chapter, while being very simpflied, it did help you follow the main points & remember the most important ideas.

I’d suggest it to anyone who’s interested in getting a basic insight into how we should be perceiving every day news, world events & the situation of the current world, as well as the direction we’re heading towards in the future.

“Factfullness” – Hans Rosling

★★★★☆ (4/5)

Edition: ISBN 978-1-473-63746-7
Sceptre, 2018

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