“Who Moved My Cheese?” – Spencer Johnson

You can’t even call this a book, a simple story bound in a soft cover.
It’s short, it’s foolproof, it’s understandable to each & everybody. Is there any literary effort given to it? Wouldn’t say so.
Yes, it’s a brief & fun story to read through in probably less than 2 hours.
Might it help you to perceive some things a bit more clearly in life? Possibly.
Does it deserve a higher rating because of that? Not at all.

It just sounds a bit too naive, something that an average American would pick & would be amazed at how eye-opening it is, which would be sad regarding its banality.
I think it’s pretty clear throughout the review – I wasn’t a fan of it 😀

★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

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