“Havana” – Mark Kurlansky

I absolutely adored this book & couldn’t have wished to stumble upon a better intro to Cuba before my upcoming trip! The biggest tip I could give, is to read it with Cuban music in the background & you’ll feel directly immersed into the story & the country.

What others criticised, I actually enjoyed a lot. The abrupt changes of topics & the brief descriptions of a dozen of different subjects were the perfect way to find out about a little bit of all kinds of different aspects of the history & culture of the town of Havana. Besides that, the author offers you inspiration on places to visit if you’re planning to go to Cuba in a non-imposing way a typical guidebook would do it.

An enjoyable & quick read, which I would suggest to those, who want to imagine what Havana must feel like & to those who want to get immersed in its atmosphere in preparation before travelling there. But also specifically people like me, who can’t stand typical touristic guide books, can’t be bothered to be browsing through a million websites with Cuba tips but would still like to go into a trip at least minimally prepared 😀

“Havana” – Mark Kurlansky

★★★★☆ (4/5)

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