“M Train” – Patti Smith

Finishing up “M Train”, I still feel enveloped in a trance & dream-like state. The reading experience has been like taking a seat on Patti Smith’s train of thought, a comfortable window seat, watching passing by landscapes, cities, people. Like gently floating on waves from one image to the next, I felt transported to a different kind of universe. It’s a story about the process of writing, the passage of life, travels, relationships with people & other bits & pieces of Patti’s life. In any case, the book draws you in like with a spell, which made me read it in almost a single sitting.

Patti’s language & choice of words are highly visual, so that you literally felt like a spectator at the edge of the scene, being able to imagine the light, the setting & even the smells of each description.

Having hesitated to pick up “Just Kids”, not being familiar with Patti, I am now extremely eager to take on her next book. There is the author’s wonderful gift of beautiful, poetic storytelling transferred over to the reader, in a type of a flow of thought way of going through various events. If you don’t mind the story trailing off from the main path from time to time, skipping from one imaginary world to the next, this might be just the book for you.

“M Train” – Patti Smith

★★★☆☆ (3/5)

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