“Hot Milk” – Deborah Levy

Hot Milk is one of those books that you pick up & can’t stop reading. I’ve never experienced that the reviews (which are actually just short phrases) on the cover of the book corresponded so much with the story & the way it’s narrated. Just as it is described by previous readers/raters, it does pull you in like a spell & lulls you in with its poetic language. It manages to colour mundane events into something charming & magical, while uncovering deeply psychological relations between all characters.

It has something of a “Grand Budapest Hotel” movie-like feel to it, completely absurd situations being strung together into an in the end coherent narrative. The book transfers you with ease to both locations where it’s taking place, Spain & Greece. It’s so relate-able that you can almost feel the Andalusian sunshine & the salty air on your skin. It has instantly deserved a special spot in the list of my all time favourite books, after I’ve devoured it up within a single day. My next step is to take on all the rest of the books written by Deborah Levy & I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her stories! 

“Hot Milk” – Deborah Levy

★★★★★ (5/5)

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