“Bluebeard’s Egg & Other Stories” – Margaret Atwood

Even though I wouldn’t have normally picked up a book of short stories, I was glad that I came across “Bluebeard’s Egg & Other Stories” for a book club. All in all, I’d straight ahead say that it was an enjoyable read, but for me it stays within the frame of a bit above an average rating, with 3 out of 5 stars.

The connecting aspect between all the stories is the fact that they all circle around the topic of relationships between men and women: Brothers & sisters, husbands & wives, children & their parents & so on. What makes it remarkable, is that you’re very likely to find at least a couple of stories that you would be able to relate to.

On another note, Atwood’s style is impeccable, as usual, but the most surprising moment is the fact that even though the book was written in the 1980s, all the stories could be directly applied to the current days.
And to finish off, two simple quotes that stuck with me:

Men are not to be told anything they might find too painful, the secret depths of human nature (…) might overwhelm or damage them.

p. 22

Men for some mysterious reason, find life more difficult than women do.

“Bluebeard’s Egg & Other Stories” – Margaret Atwood

★★★☆☆ (3/5)

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