“Stoner” – John Williams

This book left a really strong impression on me, even though it is once again one of those that I wouldn’t have picked up myself. I stayed awake until 2am finishing the last 100 pages & that’s a sure sign of a well written book for me.

One of the most striking things to me was the style in which it was written. The story flowed with such ease, while at the same time being so descriptive & visual, that until today, I have images of different settings popping up in my memory. Besides being able to imagine everything in front of your eyes, you also live through the emotions of the main character. I went through ups & downs, felt happy when reading parts that left a positive impact on his life & felt devastated after it went downhill for him once again. Besides that, the character is portrayed in such an imperfect way that it makes you love him even more, making him incredibly relateable.

The only reason why I deduced 1 star from the total rating was the fact that there was a part that was really tedious to get through (about 10-20 pages) & which somehow didn’t fit in with the rest of the storytelling.

All in all, I’d suggest “Stoner” to those who might be interested in “character study” books & who aren’t afraid of story lines which aren’t packed with action. While this is the case for this book and even though you could assume how it would end, it still managed to keep your interest until the very last page.

“Stoner” – John Williams

★★★★☆ (4/5)

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