“The White Tiger” – Aravind Adiga

From the very beginning of the book, I simply wasn’t a fan of the main character. More than that, 118 pages in, I’ve noted down that I couldn’t care less about what would happen to him. There’s no connection I’ve felt towards him whatsoever & no matter how well the story would’ve been written, it wouldn’t have been able to save it… 

The style is nothing groundbreaking, which makes it an easy & quick read. 

Having discussed the “White Tiger” during a book club, most of us were wondering about some moments within the book that didn’t seem logical or well thought-through. Where was the turn-around point for him killing his master? It came so completely out of nowhere that it didn’t seem plausible at all. Why did he finally come back for his nephew when he was escaping instead of leaving him behind?

It’s only literally by the last 20 pages that my opinion changed a bit, where you understand that the character isn’t a complete psycho-sociopath, who doesn’t care about his whole family being slaughtered but that he is simply sees himself to be forced to live by the rules of society if he wants to achieve success. A death on the way there is just a small price to pay. 

The insights into the Indian society, the daily lives of people & the culture of bribery were the most interesting parts to me, since it’s the 1st “Indian-themed” book I’ve read. On the other hand though, I’ve been told by people that have read other Indian books, that it doesn’t stand out much & even sounds repetitive.

All in all, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book to anyone, bringing it down to a lower than 3/5 star rating. I simply wasn’t touched by it, wasn’t excited about reading it further or finishing it, rather simply getting through it for the book club. A 2 out of 5 stars is all I can give it.

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

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