“Talking as Fast as I Can” – Lauren Graham

If you have picked this book up because you are or used to be a fan of the Gilmore Girls, I’ve got 2 suggestions for you:

  • Just toss it right now. Unless you’re a notorious “book-finisher” like I am, who gets through any & every book that they start, at all costs, simply in order to be able to chip in a complete opinion through a review;
  • Read pages 66-87 & 165-205, those will cover your “Gilmore Girls insights cravings”. You’re welcome. You have been spared wasting multiple hours of your life on a less than mediocre book. Even though this part of the book is the one it is advertised by, it feels rushed and as if not enough space was given to it, for whichever reason…

Jokes aside, this book is simply a joke…

One of the biggest reasons why I picked it up, was because I saw that it won Goodreads’ 2017 Comedy Book Award. Let me reveal something to you though, I didn’t laugh, not even a single time, didn’t even let a little chuckle slip all throughout the 4 days it took me to get through the book. It’s just. Not. Funny. It’s probably due to the confusion around Lorelai Gilmore’s character, people having liked her so much that they’re tricked into thinking that they might also be a fan of Lauren Graham, but guess what, just like I’m not, you probably aren’t either.

Similar to other “actor/celebrity” books, this one has the recurring themes of:

  • Ramblings about how they’re not managing to meet their editors’ deadlines (previously spotted in Ellen DeGeneres’ books) or about their writer blocks;
  • Their struggle with weight working in show business & all the diets they have tried in their life;
  • Their tales of all the odd jobs they have taken on in their life;
  • Their hunt for the true love of their life & how you shouldn’t give up on it, even if you’re 35+.

All in all, these 250 pages are filled with some watered down writing of an actress in Hollywood, without any interesting or innovative topics being brought to the table. The process of Lauren choosing the design for the cover of her book? Or the chapter on her role on the series of “Parenthood”? (which I’ve never seen before) I’m sorry, but I simply couldn’t care less about that.

This was supposed to be a quick & easy “in-between” read, after having gotten through 2 disappointing books. Instead, it made its way onto the evaluation of being the 3rd bad book I have read in a row. The only reason why I give the book 2 instead of 1 out of 5 stars, is having added on a pity point for the fact the topic of Gilmore Girls is at least briefly grazed & the fact that the other book I finished before that (“Submission” by Michel Houellebecq) was even worse.

★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

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