My name is Veronika and my biggest passion ever since I was a little kid has been the world of books. Reading them, attempting to write some myself in childhood and reviewing them. I have always preferred creating imaginary worlds in my head rather than watching movies or series, even though I do have a strong interest in photography. While being a fan of design and aesthetics, the outer shell of a book is extremely important to me. You can definitely find me on team “physical book” rather than reading electronic books and I have an appreciation for the art of creating appealing book covers (so that I often end up hunting down that one exact version of a book I absolutely want to own for ages!).

With all those factors coming together, I have finally taken the time during the beginning of spring in 2020 to put together this little blog. While all the inhabitants of France, including me in Paris, were locked in at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were given the little gift of being able to do things we were too busy for in our “previous” life.

What you will find on here, is a mix of my personal photography of the books that I read and book reviews. There will be a wide variety of them, ranging from fiction, to non-fiction, from memoirs to poetic contemporary novels. The reviews will mainly be in English, with a couple of German ones in between, while I read books in English, German, French and Russian. If you’re a bit confused about that mix, this is due to the fact of me moving around quite a bit in my life:

– being born in Kiev, Ukraine, and having Russian as my native language, while learning Ukrainian with my family and in school;
– having spent 2 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between the ages of 9 and 11, having learned English there at an International School;
– moving to Vienna, Austria, and spending around 10 years there, finishing high school and pursuing my studies at two universities there;
– up until my most recent move to Paris, France, in 2014, where I have managed to add on French into my little package of languages.

I’m currently working on cooperating with publishing houses on reviewing various titles, while pursuing my Masters degree in Publishing at the Oxford Brookes University. If you’re interested in a collaboration, feel free to reach out to me through the contact page.

© Lourenço Correia da Silva ┃ Lisbon, Portugal, 2018