JUNE 2020 READS: 5 books

After the legendary month of May, my reading speed once again returned to its normal state in June. The lockdown due to the COVID 19 virus got lifted, we all returned a bit to our normal lives while going out in the evenings and meeting up with friends. I additionally had some enormous changes at work, which left me in a state where I hardly had any time for reading whatsoever, so I’m really glad to have at least managed these 5 books.

For the books that I got through in June 2020:

  • The majority of them was read for three different book clubs – 3 out of 5;
  • All the 5 books that I read were in English – one of them was translated from Farsi;
  • Non-fiction stayed dominant this time around again – 3 out of 5;
  • All the books were written by female authors!

Here the list of all the books read in the order of the ratings that I have given them, from the best to the worst (the complete reviews are linked within the titles of the books):

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